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Welcome into the world of Knight Chauffeur.

Knight Chauffeur for hire is a service for transfer from Pisa to Florence with driver included and booking.
This gives 3 advantages: no waiting involved, maximum flexibility of the journey and possibility to work out
all costs before the journey starts.
A personal driver is convenient.
A personal driver is convenient and costs much less than you think!
Many people may see a chauffeur as a luxury service.
Knight Chauffeur is a driver for all because it is conceived also for families and groups of friends. From today, with Knight Chauffeur, having a personal driver is comfortable and above all cost-effective!

The Knight Chauffeur Service
Active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Advised booking times a minimum of 24 hour before the service. For booking under that time,
contact by phone +39 3404118009.
Departures from Tuscany, with possible destinations in Italy and abroad.
Main airports served: “Galileo Galilei Airport” Pisa and “Amerigo Vespucci Airport” Florence.
Main sea ports served: Livorno and Genova
Available to transport animals equipped with leash, cage and muzzle.
Accessible to non-severely handicapped people, with free carriage of their equipment,
such as crutches and guide dogs.
Free access to historical city centres, preferential lanes, traffic-restricted areas,
as well as to pedestrian areas of city centres.

How is it different from a taxi?
The ‘hire-a-driver’ service is only available by booking.
The journey is not subject to time or distance related limits.
The basis is an agreement between client and driver, where the means of payment (cash, bank transfer, credit card or bancomat), the type of service – date, time, amount etc – are established beforehand.
Means of Payment  

Personalised rates, which are competitive and not influenced by the amount of traffic encountered, with the possibility to pay:
• on board by cash or credit card/bancomat.
• by bank transfer where personal belongings are being transported.

Companies can have the possibility to pay within 30 days of the completed service.


All inclusive services
Knight Chauffeur take you where you need to go.
Knight Chauffeur is a car rental service with personal driver, unlimited range and booking compulsory.
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The Vehicle
Spacious and comfortable
The vehicle is a Mercedes Benz
V-Class Premium Extra-Long.
Full optional.
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Who is Knight
Your Chauffeur.
This is my work ethic: To take care of each and every person and everything that is trusted to me.
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Payment on board.
Pay for any of our services easily in cash, bancomat, credit card or bank draft.

24 hour service.
The service is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with booking preferred at least 24 hours before.

Areas covered
Departure from Pisa with the possibility of local or international destinations.

What is a chauffeur for hire?
Who is Knight Chauffeur Pisa?
The vehicle.
On-board confort.
Arrivals and Departures
Working trips
Shopping tour
Party tour
Bachelors’ Parties and Bridal Showers
Family week
Long journeys
A relaxing day
Transport of personal belongings
When is the service available?
What are the areas covered?
Can the car enter the pedestrian areas of the cities?
What is the baggage capacity of the vehicle?
What are the minimum booking times?
Is there a ‘waiting’ service?
Can animals come on board?
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